We are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion


Here at Career Legal, being a leading recruitment agency, we know how important it is to prioritise Diversity & Inclusion and Equal Opportunities. 

We recognise the benefits of having a range of perspectives in decision-making. Career Legal is a company where our differences are valued, we have an inclusive working environment where we hope everyone feels that they belong without having to conform, that their contribution matters and that they are able to perform to their full potential. We also communicate this to our clients and candidates.

Race, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, mental health, and social status among many more are characteristics that people should never be discriminated against or be treated unfairly for. We have appointed internal champions for each of these areas in order to educate ourselves and each other and to keep on top of the conversations.

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shutterstock_352866494Race & Religion Champion

Discrimination because of your race, religion or beliefs is unacceptable. As recruiters it is our responsibility to ensure we  promote diversity not just internally but externally too by making sure we always present a diverse pool of candidates to our clients. Our differences are what make us unique and that's something we celebrate.

shutterstock_1729166419Gender Champion

Promoting and supporting gender diversity in the workplace is an important part of good management – it is about valuing everyone as an individual. A gender diverse workforce will help everyone to achieve their full potential, it will also help to approach tasks with many different perspectives and will likely bring focus to innovation to a team.


LGBTQ+ Champion

Despite the outwardly visible signs of progress, many challenges still persist for the LGBTQ community. A growing business case for inclusion has not translated into solid gains for the LGBTQ+ community within the workplace yet.
Companies must move beyond public gestures of support for LGBTQ+ issues and commit to creating a more positive work experience for them.

mental health bloNeuro-diversity Champion

Neurodiversity is so important for any business, many people try to hide their neuro-differences, however it’s these differences that should be celebrated and seen as a positive.  A diverse work force is necessary for any organisation to truly succeed.

shutterstock_742602847Age Champion

Age diversity is the key to keeping a successful business. Promoting an inclusive work environment generates creativity and innovation from employees of any age.

shutterstock_1086656846 (1)Disability Champion

Recruiters and employers must play a pivotal role in supporting disabled people. When those with disabilities are empowered and enabled to pursue a career with the necessary adjustments and support, not only will employers benefit from their productivity but society as a whole.

shutterstock_1532068016Social Mobility Champion

We believe that a person’s Socio-Economic background should never be a barrier to their career opportunities, and we encourage candidates from all educational backgrounds to apply for any role that they are passionate about.